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Welcome from The Bearings Group

Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit our website. As you review the website you may notice that we take a bit of a different approach than most traditional marketing communications agencies or PR firms. I spent many years working with large and mid-size agencies and I just knew there had to be a better, more productive, less costly way to work with clients.

When I started The Bearings Group in 2003, I wanted to get away from the baggage of being an “agency.” That’s why I’ve structured my company in such a way that clients are not forced to support large overhead and redundant personnel in the costs of services provided. You and I both know who pays for the overhead at a traditional, full-service agency! Why would anyone want to pay for people who are not making a direct contribution to the success of their business?

Some companies and organizations are more comfortable working within a traditional agency structure. For others, working with a company such as The Bearings Group allows them much more flexibility in terms of how they want to allocate marketing resources. There really is no right or wrong – just options.

If you are the type of company who recognizes that this “virtual” concept will allow you access to absolute first class professionals at a price that will allow you to actually spend your marketing resources on marketing, then The Bearings Group may be a good fit for you.

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